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Fake gauge earrings – in sterling silver!

(Earrings from Urban Nomad & Tribal Style)

I stumbled upon these on Etsy, and I think they are a great idea, and I’d love to get some.  They have the appearance of being those thick earrings you use on stretched holes, but they have a normal sized post hidden in the middle, so people with normal sized holes can wear them!

These ones in particular I like are made from carved wood/bone/horn and they are absolutely stunning!  I think they would be cool to wear any time (I’m a bit of a hippy, so it’s right up my alley), but I think they would be especially good to go with my ATS (Tribal bellydance) costuming.

Most importantly for me, (because I’m allergic to almost every metal but sterling silver) while the majority of the ones I’ve seen on Etsy either use stainless/surgical steel posts, or don’t specify what they used…. I have found a couple of sellers who do theirs (or at least some of theirs) with sterling silver posts.  So I could wear them! WOOT!!!

So many lovelies though, it’s a bit hard to choose 😀

First up, Organic Ethnic/Urban Nomads, who offers up beauties like these:




There’s also some made completely from bone/horn – including the posts, which is great if you don’t want any metal.


Then sanfranblissco, Who have mostly all silver earrings and only a few of the carved wooden ones, but they have lovely ones like this with sterling silver posts:



There’s also Tribal Style, who do mostly surgical steel 😦 with some sterling silver.  So you have to check each listing if you wanted to only get the silver ones (which is a bit annoying).  But they have a few sterling silver posted lovelies like these:



They also have the style using no metal too, like these



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