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A friend of mine had kittens (well, obviously *she* didn’t have them, her cat did :Þ)  and she decided to give me one as a  birthday present!!!!   When I’d come over to see the kittens when they were first born, I’d taken a shine to the grey one, as I thought he was cutest and he was also the only one who was happy to be held and wouldn’t whinge 😛  So naturally that’s the one she gave me.

I called him Gandalf because when she called him “the grey”, the name Gandalf immediately jumped into my head – and I figured that might also appeal to MrObsi, since he’s a huge Tolkein fan.  But we still had to do some discussions before I was able to keep Gandalf 🙂

Here he is, a few days old


And another day I visited he was poking his tongue out for some reason, so we had to take a photo of that – so funny!



Here he is with eyes open (bottom right) with his littermates.  There was a grey tabby (top left, like the mum) a plain black and a black/grey stripey one and him.


A few weeks later and they all got to play outside – so cute!



Then last Saturday he became one of the family!!


MiniObsi was so happy she cried, several times 😀  She kept actually pinching herself because she was sure it was a dream. Awww



It took a few days for Mojo and Gandalf to get along… Mojo was pretty much ignoring him and also seemed a little scared of him, then he’d hiss at him, then they tolerated being in the same room together, then we could get them both on my lap, provided neither of them looked at the other…. then over the last 2 days they have started wrestling together and I’ve seen Mojo grooming Gandalf.  Awwww 🙂





More Pics



Isn’t he the cutest!!!!



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