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Mad Scientist Costume

A friend of mine had a birthday party last night with a “Mad Scientist” type theme, so after much googling for ideas,  I decided I wanted to be the black gloved-white labcoat (with black buttons) and crazy hair type mad scientist.  Gathering inspiration from pics like these:

So I wanted a slightly fitted, full skirted, asymmetrical buttoned labcoat….. with black buttons and black gloves.  I wanted bigger rubber gloves but I couldn’t find any cheap enough, so I settled for black latex ones I bought on ebay for $1 🙂

To make the coat, I started out by tracing around a medieval gown I made (the pattern for which I made myself) – I use baking paper to make patterns on.


Rummaged in my pattern box and found a mandarin collar top I’d never made, so I traced that pattern to get the neckline and collar parts right, and copied them onto my pattern


I then sort of guessed how much extra I’d need to make the other side panel, to have that flap do up on the side of the chest rather than the centre, and made a separate pattern piece for that to sit ontop of the main pattern.


I made a mock-up from an old sheet first to check it worked – yes!

I ended up buying 2 hospital style white sheets from the op shop for about 50c, which worked perfectly!  and I made it double layer for extra warmth and so the fabric wouldn’t be thin enough to show the underneath clothing.  So I cut 2 back pieces, a left front that was basically the same as the back but with a slightly lower neck, and then a right front that had the extra flap


Sewed it all up, broke a few needles because the machine didn’t like overlocking through so many layers (especially where it hit seams).  Had to google to find ot how to do buttonholes, because I’d forgotten…  And bob’s your uncle!


So to complete the outfit I had thigh high black & purple striped stockings, black heeled boots, a purple wig, goggles (of the snowboarding type – with purple iridescent lenses) and my labcoat.



The party was great fun – I mean, check out the food table!


Yes, it was an adult’s party – I have the coolest friends 😀

Here’s the party hosts costumes…

Dscf8666 Dscf8674

MiniObsi was a clockwork/metal doll (with a key in her back)


MrObsi went as a gore-splattered Dr Moreau type mad scientist (complete with some stuffed toys with their heads switched)



I also made some cheesecakes with whipped jelly on top, to look sort of like a fuzzy gross lab culture


All you do is make jelly, then when it *just* start to set, whip it, wait for the foam to set a little, and spoon it into the containers, and it should set foamy.


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