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Gandalf’s new not-so-manly manicure

Gandalf is gorgeous, and cuddly…. but he’s unintentionally vicious!

He seems to leave his claws out most of the time, and they are needle sharp.  Even if I clip them, he’ll seem to have sharpened them again within a couple of hours.

He loves to climb up and sit on your shoulder, but if he slips, he digs his claws in and ends up scratching your neck and chest.  He has this frenzied kneading (“happyfeet”) that he does, but he doesn’t retract his claws before moving to the next spot, so he has a tendency to pull threads out of any clothing your wearing.  He also likes to curl up on my chest inside my jumper, but he’ll reach out and “happyfeet” on my neck and face, scratching me.  The worst thing though, is he loves to jump up onto your lap when you’re sitting down, but he doesn’t jump *onto* your lap, he jumps up and digs his claws into your thigh and just hangs there until you yelp and swat him off, or pick him up and put him on your lap (or sometimes he will scramble his way up, digging claws in more as he goes).  He also occasionally does that catty thing of surprise climbing your leg when you’re happily minding your own business.

So we’re always covered in scratches.

Then on facebook someone posted about putting “soft claws” on their cat.  So I googled to see what they were (http://www.softclaws.com) – what a great idea!  They are little soft plastic caps you glue to their claws so that they can still use their claws like normal (so it’s not harming the cat) but they aren’t sharp (so they can’t harm us).  They can’t climb things with their claws, and can’t scratch a scratching post, but they can still extend and retract the claws like normal.

So I thought I’d check ebay to see if I could find cheaper ones, and I did!  I wanted some ASAP, so I found an Aussie seller and bought a $4 pack from them in “purple” (they didn’t have black), and then also bought a couple of $1 packs from an overseas seller in black and a glitter purple (just to see what it looked like).

So the Aussie ones arrived yesterday and we put them on, which was quite amusing.

First off  I managed to spill the glue and almost glued my fingers together.  The tube had a screw cap on the bottom, so I wondered if that was an extra cap to screw onto the opening to seal it after you used it – no, it was keeping the tube of glue closed, so opening that let the superglue pour out over my hands, and since that stuff dries almost instantly, I very nearly glued my fingers together.  Of course I couldn’t wipe it up with tissues or anything because even though that’s what I went straight for, the tissue just glued itself to me.  So I ended up just having to leave it and slowly pick it off as it hardened through the day – it was really gross feeling though, and it all went in behind my fingernails.

Then I glued myself to the cat, 3 times 😀

What these claw caps are is a hollow case that goes over the claw, and you squirt glue into the hollow part, and then put that over the claw – holding it on ntil the glue dries.  So of course a little glue sometimes squirted out and stuck my finger to his fur.  (luckily I was able to pull us apart before we became permanently stuck)

Ahh bliss! Now when he’s snuggling up around your neck and decides to “happyfeet” your face, it’s like a massage and not like your face is being slashed! 🙂

The funny thing was though that I ordered purple ones online, because that’s my favourite colour, and they didn’t have any sensible colours like black, in kitten size at that store. But when they arrived, they are actually more pink than purple. (somewhere between “fuchsia” and “magenta” I suppose).  So now my grey male kitten is walking around with hot pink nails 😀

They will fall off in about a month apparently, so I will have to repeat the fun of gluing them on again!   With more manly black ones this time… But it’s definitely been worth it!  I actually think they look cute.




And just because he’s cute, here’s some more Gandalf pics 😀


He likes to sit behind MiniObsi when she’s on the computer, this one was funny because he was resting his head on her foot.


Parrot Cat 🙂  (“Gandalf wanna whiskers”)

Dscf8981 Dscf8985

He gets so chilled out when he sleeps, it’s hilarious!


Stop taking photos of me!  I’m trying to sleep here!!!


He loves the washing basket!

Dscf8989 Dscf8992  Dscf8993

Ohh hello, what’s that thing you’re pointing at me?  I’ll investigate.


Best buddies…. sometimes….


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