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PAX AUS – Day 1

So our PAX experience started off with hubby forgetting his ticket :/

I’d packed it in the backpack we were taking, and clipped mine onto my belt.  But since they gave the lanyards out at the event but posted the tickets (which were cards you hung on a lanyard) on their own… we’d kept his in the envelope to put it on when we picked up the lanyards, and I’d clipped mine on with a chain (to fit the steampunk look).  He checked something in the bag and took the envelope out, and must have left it on the couch.

So after a little panic (would be a 2 hour round trip to go back for it, and we’d have lost the parking we’d paid for, and lost the advantage of getting there before opening time), I decided to ask one of the staff if there was any way they could look up to prove he had bought a ticket.  And there was, so he got issued a Friday ticket.  Thank God!

So then we joined the mass of people waiting patiently to be let in 🙂  I have to say, right from the start there was a much nicer vibe to the whole thing than the other convention we’d been to (OzComicCon last year), and it hadn’t even started yet 😀  There were beachballs being thrown around to occupy people, and occasional messages over the loud speaker, which I think was great – made you feel like you weren’t forgotten standing there in line.


The smart thing they did here, compared to OzComicCon was they had 3 lines.  The first (rightmost) line was filled first, then the middle then the one we were in.  Which meant that when they opened the doors, they let the first line out, then the second, then the 3rd – So there was no snaking around to get out, you just waited for your line to move.  And no shoving of a bunch of people trying to all get through at once.

We’d been worried since the forecast was for rain and wind.. and it is in separate buildings, that we’d be getting wet and miserable through the day – But the exit from the queue room lead onto a pathway leading to most of the rooms/theaters – which was all covered in marquee tents!  Only part of the event wasn’t covered (the walk over to the LAN area and skippy theatre).  I’m not sure if the showgrounds is normally like that, or they put those up for this event (I presume the latter since they weren’t permanent structures), but I thought that was really good.

We had a bit of a look around, then lined up to go to a panel on Anime and the crossover into games.  Which didn’t really interest me much, but while I didn’t understand some of the references, it was quite interesting still.   We waited in line for about half an hour, and when we got into the theater it was obvious they has MASSIVELY underestimated how many people would be going to the panels – the room was very small!

Then more looking around and we went to a panel on Stealth games (mostly talking about the new Splinter Cell game that is coming out, as they had the artistic director as a guest.  That one was in a slightly bigger theater, but we’d made sure we got in line about an hour before it started as we thought it would be a poplar one.  Luckily I happened to be standing by a window sill, so could sit down.

Then more walking around and we came home 🙂  But not before being asked to post for tons of photos, and taking tons of photos of people 🙂

And we show up in this video lol


We saw this lady in one of the discussion panels, and when I saw her walking around later I had to run after her to get a photo, then she wanted one of me, so then we took one together too 🙂  (It was MEGA windy!)





Dr Horrible


These guys were weird!  I’d seen them when I was queuing for the Anime talk, but I’d jumped out of line to take a pic when the line started moving, so I had to get back in, so when I saw them again I was pleased to get them (even if the background here is all messy)


Awesome Borderlands girl




The Lutece twins


There were a few Test subjects around.  Unfortunately the best Chell was a woman on day 2 – who I saw walk past while I was in the handheld lounge, but hubby was off taking pics and I had all the bags, so by the time he came back she had gone, and while we looked for her, we never found her again.  She’d made highheeled boots into the most realistic looking longfall boots I’d seen all PAX.   (edit – Found a pic of  her here!)


Jamie from Mythbusters 🙂  (That may have supposed to be Adam in the foreground and Kari in the background, not sure)


Majora’s Mask


Journey people (there were a few, and sadly these people were the first I saw but not the best)

Photo0329 Photo0330

Wolverine was talking to someone (despite looking at me), which is why he’s not posing, but he was about to walk away, so I snapped it anyway


Link & Midna


These next 2 are from one of the Indy games they had on display




TF2 collection!

I saw the Scout first, then the Medic (who was in a queue with us for the Anime talk).  He’d mentioned seeing a Soldier, so then I had to keep an eye out to try and find any others.




The elusive Solly I’d been looking for for a few hours 🙂




A Spy wearing a towering pile of hats I think (or maybe just a dude with a bunch of hats)



—  So I’m missing Demoman, Sniper and Pyro 😦


Costumes I don’t know…












General milling about photos


The handheld game lounge section (if I could have sat easily in my corset, I’d have joined them)


Jenga 😀


One of the “Enforcers” (helpers) – I liked his hat and kilt.  A few of them were wearing kilts.  I made a point of thanking him for the work he’d done today, and then I went up to the info booth on our way out and thanked them too – I figure they deserved it and not enough people would bother thanking them.



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