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Minecraftyness – part 5

Though technically this is part 4 and part 4 should be part 5 (or actually part 6, since I’ve got another build to show off that was made before that too)…. since I made this before I made the temple I showed off in part 4 – but anyway…..  I realised I’d not done a post showing this build, so I am now.

After building the Obsi Mountain complex, on our “Creative” server (survival mode without monsters), I moved over to the “Survival” server.  Since everyone else had moved over to the newly created “Survival” server to play with the added challenge of monsters, I was usually alone on the server and that was boring, so I decided to abandon my Mountain home, and start something new on the Survival server.

So I started off with a basic base to begin with, this time I chose the “underwater house surrounded by cactus” route, as I was still fairly new to dealing with monsters, and I figured a nice safe place out in the water would be nice (I dived under the ring of cactus to get to the cobble square that has a ladder down – mobs can’t dive down, so can’t get in – bwahahahaha)

obsi_01I drowned a fair few times building it though 😀


ObsiUnderwaterHouse03I was completely self sufficient down in my little underwater house!  The sheep/pigs/cows/chickens would spawn anywhere there was grass and light, so I made an underwater/underground paddock for them to spawn in.  Though getting that grass down in there from the mainland was a PITA!  I had to build a dirt lined corridor from my base, underground to the land and dirt stairs up to the surface, and wait a week or so for the grass to work its way down into my base.  Ohh for a silk touch pick!  And I found the most efficient way to grow trees – in the walls!


Anyway, after building that, I’d started out in search of lapis that had come with a new update… because I wanted purple wool.  So I wandered off in search of undiscovered lands and stopped when I saw the newer white trunked birch trees, and knew I was in newly generated chunks. I’d also found a large natural crevasse, so I built a tall tower with 3×3 platform above it and a ladder extending down into the cave and would hide up on the platform with all my stuff when I wasn’t mining or off exploring. Then I realised the shadow of my platform was keeping the mobs alive in daytime, and making me unable to get down from my secure tower, so I had to build the platform from glass.

Then I got a bit sick of there still being creepers circling the tower trapping me up there, so I decided I needed to build a safehouse around the tower – But then the mobs would inevitably wait at the door to get me, so I ended up with doors on each side so I could lure the mobs to one door, and escape out the other…..

….and I decided it was best to seal up the crevasse, because I was sick of falling into it as I was running away from mobs….

…. and that I needed to clear some of the surrounding forest so I would stop being ambushed by creepers and being chased into the aforementioned crevasse…

…..and perhaps a nice safe impenetrable wall, to keep out the monsters that kept chasing me through the forests into said crevasse…

So this glass platform…


ended up becoming this:


Which then became this, when I decided a nice big purple flower in the centre would be good, after someone gave me a few stacks of lapis.


The walls were designed to be so high that spiders couldn’t climb them, and I made them holey to save on the massive amount of cobble I needed to make them.  Then I decided to use the arch and aqueduct type theme I’d used in the previous build.

Originally the top of the walls was level with the land on the right side of the image, as the walkway was actually to get you onto that mountain, and the bottom of the picture was a fair bit lower than the ground level at the centre – so I needed to demolish half a mountain on one side and build up the land on the other.  Then I decided not to connect the mountain to the walkway for added monster-proofness, so I had to clear around the wall to make sure that there was space around the wall on all sides. I was also stupid enough to decide to make underground walkways too!  It seemed to take forever to build it all.

I struggled with what to do with the huge amount of land in each segment of the square, and how to sufficiently (and aesthetically) light it so mobs wouldn’t spawn there.  In the end I decided to leave it empty, and I used fence posts to stop spiders climbing into the walkways.  The water channels conveniently meant that creepers were 3 blocks away and wouldn’t blow up, and the torches in each hole provided heaps of lighting and also blocked arrows!  So you were safe to walk around anywhere on those walkways.


Youtube video


(Click each picture for a larger view)


I had to build the land up to that walkway level so it was all flat inside.  And because I didn’t want mobs spawning and groaning away all the time, I made sure there were no 2 block high spaces anywhere in the filled in land, so mobs couldn’t spawn.


Digging out the underground walkways


















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