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Ruffle Pantaloons! & Halloween Costume

I’ve always wanted some….. so I decided what the hell, lets make some!  I saw the fabric on a clearance table at Spotlight, and had it sitting around for almost a year before I got around to finally making them.   So here’s a bit of a tutorial if you want to make your own….


Start with some wide leg pants… I made my own pants pattern using pj pants, which I use for all my harem pants etc.   Then pin on your first ruffle layer.   Each of my ruffles is a 2 metre strip!    (LOTS of gathering!!!!!!!)

As you can see in the picture, you want to pin the ruffle on so that it isn’t on the edge of the pants leg but up further. I had mine overhanging the pants leg by a few cm, I guess you could have the edge even.  To do that I measured up from the bottom hem of the pants and did a dot to mark it every few cm along the pants leg – and I used that as a guide to where to pin.  There might be an easier way to do it, but that’s what I did.

Make sure you know how far up you’re doing each layer – so you can repeat it on the other leg.  I made notes, but I still managed to end up with uneven legs, but luckily the weight of the ruffles also stretched the fabric down a bit, so they were a bit too long, so I was able to adjust it to make the legs even (I just folded the fabric over at the top ruffle to shorten the longer leg by the 2cm or so it needed)


Then do a second layer – I used plain black, then a third… and repeat on the other leg


It’s terribly fun feeding all that ruffle pants leg through the machine, I can tell you 😛


I also made a matching choli, since I had left over stripey stretch lace…  in the morning of the performance 😀


So that became part of my costume for a Halloween performance


Crazy eye makeup because we were wearing masks



(2 different underskirts, because I was testing which worked better, my purple 10 yard or my orange hemmed 25 yard – I decided on the purple even though it wasn’t as full)

Our Halloween performance:


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