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So… I’m clearly insane….

Back when I started doing ATS, 25 yard skirts, even on ebay, were usually around $60.  Being able to sew, and being frugal – I thought “I should make one”…..  Then I realised with the amount of fabric needed, it would only be worth it if the fabric was really cheap and/or interesting.  Well I saw some fabric on clearance at spotlight and thought it would make an awesome Steampunk 25 yard skirt.  So I bought it and it sat around for a year until I got the courage to give it a shot.

I’m not sure I’ll ever make another one…. but I guess I’m pleased to be able to say I made one 🙂

My cat of course decided that he’s “help” me by sitting in my lap with his head in my face for most of my arduous pinning


But….. Metres and metres of fabric later – I did it!!!!!

(Shown here worn in the “bustle tuck” over a black 25 yard skirt)




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