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End of Year Party

(at my suggestion :D) We had a bit of a dress up night for our final bellydance class of the year.  Because Charni had been away – she left it up to me to organise.  So I brought all my sarongs and things to decorate the place, everyone dressed up and brought some food to share – it was a great evening!

It gave me a chance to get dressed up in a more caberet style (normally I’m all dressed up Tribal).  I found a lovely pink/purple dress in an op shop, and I cut it up to make a “laplap” type skirt and a little vest.  Worn with my purple 25 yard skirt and a bra & belt set I’ve had for about 15 years (made from a beaded door curtain lol)


The food I brought was a selection of Middle Eastern cordials (Rose Sharbat, Sharab Ward, Minted Lemonaid, Turkish apple iced tea) and some Lebanese Meatballs



Nom nom 🙂




My idea for a lounging space turned into a Photo Booth 😀






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