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Thong Conversion

I like to wear thongs because they are nice and cool and spongy (I get sore heels if I don’t have comfy shoes), but I don’t like the bit that goes between your toes – if it’s thick like in most thongs it irritates my toes and gives me blisters if I wear them for too long.   So on Pintrest I saw some thong conversions which I thought might be a great idea to help the  toe  issue I have.

So I bought some $2 thongs, and used some ribbon and buttons I already had… and voila!


It also makes them more like sandals so you don’t have to grip them with your toes to keep them on, so are actually better for your feet.

To make these, you will need…. 1 pair of thongs, 2 (or 6 [see below for why]) buttons with a flat top and a loop back (rather than buttons with holes in) that are larger than the hole left by the straps, ribbon or other stuff (how much depends on how much you want them to criss cross)


Now, I used ribbon because I wanted something super thin between the toes…   you can use something else other than ribbon – cutting an old tshirt into strips and plaiting them is another common thing to do, and that will be slightly stretchy, so may be more comfortable.  Also, if you’re going for something with a bit more substance than ribbon, you won’t need the buttons…. it’s up to you what you use.

FYI the buttons don’t really feel bulky, because they mostly go into the hole left by the original straps, but they do make a slight click when you walk – so if the thought of that bothers you – go the plaited tshirt strip option.

Cut the plastic straps off the thongs, and thread half your ribbon through the button- that can be a pain… so try cutting the end of the ribbon on a diagonal so you have a thinner piece to feed through first…  Then poke the ribbon through the toe hole on the thongs.

If using plaited strands or something else, you can make 2 separate strands and knot them together in place of the button.  You can use some glue to make sure the knot stays put if you like.

Photo1405 Photo1406

Now ….  the sides….

You can just thread the ribbon through the side holes, and bring them up and tie around your foot, but it didn’t seem very secure, because the angle the ribbon comes out at means it tries to slip off your heel….. and I thought the ribbon rubbing on the ground would ruin it (which is what the button is for – to stop the ribbon being worn out)

If I had another 4 matching buttons, I’d have threaded the ribbon through the button like I did under the toe (so the ribbon goes down the hole, through the button then back up the hole.  So if you have 6 buttons you’re best doing it that way.

Photo1407 Photo1408

The other way is to add some loops of fabric to the sides (I’d coincidentally made a tshirt choli from a teal tshirt that matched perfectly!) – so I made loops with that – just knotting them in the old side holes.  If you use just pieces of tshirt material like I did, be aware they will stretch a lot, so make them about half as long as you think you’ll need.  If you’re using plaited tshirt material, it won’t stretch as much.


Which gives a much sturdier side and lets you cross cross a bit differently.  You could make those side bits all fancy and beaded or something, and likewise you could thread beads and things onto the ribbon straps


So now I know the concept works, and is more comfortable to me than normal thongs, I just need to find thong bases to make pretty ones!


I bought these cool paisley thongs to make some for MiniObsi, because unfortunately they didn’t have any in my size *sob*  Aren’t they the coolest though!!!!  Squee!



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