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Not Happy Spotlight!


What on earth were you thinking when you designed the new system of purchasing fabric?

At first I thought it was just because my local store is being renovated and the cutting counter didn’t have registers installed yet – but no, this is apparently the way stores are going to be run now  o.O

So now rather than going to the fabric counter, getting a ticket – waiting your turn, having your fabric cut, paying for it there, and leaving…. (like you do *EVERYWHERE ELSE*)

You’ve apparently decided that a “quicker” system is for you to go to the fabric counter, get a ticket, wait your turn, have your fabric cut…. then they roll your fabric up in individual lots, wrap plastic wrap around each one, print a price barcode for each one, stick that to your fabric bundles – then you have to walk to the front counters, line up there (or use the self service checkouts that put people out of jobs, which I refuse to use)… to actually purchase your fabric.


????  Seriously ????

What sort of idiot decides that system is quicker?  The woman at the cutting counter says it’s so they can serve people quicker and reduce waiting times on the cutting counter.

So in order to potentially save other customers having to wait a few moments longer to get served, now everyone has to go through this double counter system, which for most people will end up taking longer than it would have before?  Gee… thanks…

What if the customer is buying multiple pieces of fabric?  (like I normally do) – by the time they individually wrap and barcode each item, I can’t see that being anything but *slower* than the original system – and then the poor customer has to spend more of their time at the registers paying separately for their fabric.

So your new “quicker” system is slower and infinitely more annoying.

As someone who frequents spotlight regularly, I would much rather wait a little longer at the cutting counter than have to have my fabric cut in one place and then pay for it separately at another counter.

So I guess I’ll now be doing most of my shopping at Lincraft and online.  I refuse to support such a retarded purchasing system.

Not to mention the amount of wastage of plastic to wrap each piece of fabric (which they said they do because the sticky label barcodes can ruin the fabric), and wastage of printing barcodes.  So we’re told to limit wasting plastic shopping bags by bringing our own reusable ones – only to have the fabric wrapped up in metres and metres of unnecessary plastic wrap – just to “save time”.  Sterling idea.

It makes me wonder how many people take their little fabric bundles up to the front counters to pay – decide the wait would be too long and just dump their precut fabric… or just slip it into their bags and leave without paying.

So this new system is not only slower and more annoying for customers, produces more wasteful packaging plastics and has a higher chance of product loss and spoilage….  Well done spotlight!

I have to wonder if it is because they want to funnel people into the new look labyrinth of checkout – Because that’s now changed in my local store too – you have to wind your way around a maze of shelving that once the store is properly finished – will no doubt hold products they hope you’ll impulse buy…. so is that why we now have to pay separately?  so we can hopefully purchase some extra things we didn’t think of and they can make more money from us?

When I complained to the staff member at the registers, she said lots of people have been complaining – so I know I’m not the only one who finds this system ridiculous (surely anyone with half a brain can see it’s not a good idea at all)


..oh… and in the spirit of stores trying to put their fingers in as many pies as they can so they can make more money – even if it means they have a disjointed store that has stuff in it that doesn’t make sense….. you can also now buy pet supplies from Spotlight….. yep…  Because I know I always go to my local fabric store to pick up a dog collar…..

</end of rant>


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