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Cow with a paisley fish moustache

MiniObsi comes in, and as I’m desperately trying to get my last few mins of faux sleep, before we had to get ready for school…. She’s nattering away to me and I’m ignoring it… (coz I’m an awesome mum like that :P)
So I hear: Blah… blah…blah…. “Cow with a paisley fish mustache

…… I say…. what?

So I’m like “err, cow with a paisley fish mustache?’” – expecting her to go “no, you fool, I said can I have some toast“….

“Yes! Or maybe it’s Jesus…..  there’s that, trough? thing there… manger, that’s it……… no, I’m pretty sure it’s a cow…”


So I’m lying there thinking I’m fairly sure I’m awake…. my brain function is not so great at the best of times, and definitely not in the morning… but surely that makes NO GODDAMN SENSE AT ALL.

Then: “it might not be a fish mustache, it could be a cloud…”

o.O   o.O

I’ve rolled over and gone “Right, what the HELL are you on about?!?”  (told you, I’m an awesome mum :P)


So behold, my friends….. the “Cow with a paisley fish mustache”


Or if you prefer “cow with an unfortunate low-lying cloud partially obscuring it’s face”.….  or even “Rather large baby Jesus (with a tail), sitting up in his manger, showing off his rather resplendent blue curly mustache”

Either way…. enjoy 😀


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