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Winterwalk – “Ice Queen” outfit

We took part in “Wintervalk” – Where you dress up as something wintery and walk around the city 😀  Was a lot of fun!!

I made “ice crowns” and masks for MiniObsi and I, from hot glue 😀 (using a tutorial I found here: http://www.klairedelys.com/2012/12/18/diy-masquerade-mask-ice-queen)

Photo1655b Photo1649bl


MiniObsi’s  crown I did around a balloon.  I just blew up the balloon to her head size, then made a line of glue drips all around to make the crown shape.  The first attempt failed when I did it on an orange balloon, expecting to be able to peel the glue off, but the glue stuck to the balloon so you could see the orange balloon stuck to the inside (so it wasn’t white)… so I had to do another one on a white balloon, and then just cut/peel bits of the balloon off so you couldn’t see it between the points…. took a while…. so that’s maybe not a great idea – there’s probably a better way to do it…..

The masks I first tried just adding the glue onto a plastic face mask – hoping to be able to peel it off again afterwards, but the glue stuck and wouldn’t come off easily, so it broke when trying to pry it off… so then I tried doing it onto plastic wrap (figuring that like the balloon, if it stuck to the glue you wouldn’t see it… which melted when the hot glue hit it  *sigh*  So the 3rd attempt I settled on spraying oil onto the mask and then adding the glue.  Which was a bit difficult to do because the glue didn’t want to stay in place (sliding all over the place), but I got there in the end.


My headdress I made using coathangers wrapped with white yarn, with the hot glue dripped onto it.  To make the drips I found you have to squeeze out a little, then let the glue dry out a little before squeezing more out, then touching it to the frame so that it made a droplet without just falling off.   The long drips were very tricky to get the timing right.   Some drips ended up longer than planned 😀 It was quite a bit of anticipation with each drop to see if it would solidify into a long drop or just fall off 🙂  (when they didn’t work they just left the long string which I had to cut off and try again)   The back of the headdress was hidden under my hair, so it didn’t matter that the framework wasn’t even 😛

I gave them all a light coat of a clear nail polish with fine silver glitter (which I’d picked up from an op shop for 50c one day :D)  to make them sparkle and look wet/shiny.  I also glued a few clear rhinestones around some of the points for a bit more sparkle. The masks are held on with clear jewellery elastic so they look like they aren’t attached. For mine I decided to use blue eyeshadow around my eyes, I’m not sure if that was better or worse than leaving it plain….

Dscn3044 Dscn3048 Dscn3051

Our thrown together costumes (the only thing I bought was a pack of gluegun sticks and the base mask face :D)

(yes, I’m wearing my wedding dress again :D)

There were some AMAZING costumes!

Dscn3056 Dscn3059

 Dscn3086 Dscn3088

Dscn3102 Dscn3108





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