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PAX! – Friday

Friday – With the bigger venue and more people, we worried we wouldn’t get parking, but there was plenty, so that was great.  The building was bigger, so there was more room and it didn’t feel cramped.  Much better than last year!

Dscn4358  Dscn4359

Queue line crowd.  I liked the addition of the holes in the signs.  Last year I think they just had PAX signs and people were trying to hit the balls over them.  This time they made it into a proper game 🙂

I spent half the queue time sewing the buttons onto MrObsi’s coat though 🙂 That’s how “last minute” the costuming was 😛

Dr Who cosplay (He’s the 8th Dr, I’m a Sybaline Sister)


Checking out Farcry 4 (can’t wait!)

Dscn4366 Dscn4367

This gives you an idea of what the expo hall is like:

Dscn4369 Dscn4370

Dscn4374 Dscn4380

League of Legends stand had like 1/4 of the whole Expo Hall space!

They are going to need their own hall next year 😛


I think they are playing “World of Tanks”.. in a tank 😀

Dscn4398 Dscn4417

Dscn4424 Dscn4426

Dscn4432 Dscn4435

Queue lines for the talks.

Dscn4449 Dscn4450


Standing up on the balcony, I managed to spot my friend in the crowd… and amazingly, as I was saying to MrObsi “we should wave, but she’ll never notice us up here” – she looked up and waved at us!  Amazing psychic link for the win!


Can you spot her 😀


The handheld lounge this year had charging docks and tables with 3DS consoles on them!  woot!!!  And I think it was bigger which was cool.


3 cheers for the Enforcers, who were great!

Dscn4494 Dscn4490

(even….especially the ones in kilts!)


.. and of course, there was cosplay!

Apologies in advance, our cameras isn’t great in low light and the red-eye wasn’t on for most of the shots 😦

Dscn4368 Dscn4372

Dscn4375 Dscn4378

Dscn4381 Dscn4383

Dscn4385 Dscn4394

Dscn4397 Dscn4406

Dscn4419 Dscn4420

Dscn4421 Dscn4422

Dscn4423 Dscn4431

Dscn4436 Dscn4465

Dscn4480 Dscn4482

Dscn4483 Dscn4484

Rimmer even saluted us with the Rimmer salute (though not that long formal one, just an abbreviated version of it :P)

Dscn4486 Dscn4495

Dscn4496 Dscn4501

Banjo Kazooie!!!!

Photo1902 Dscn4467

Lawrence Leung walked past, and I got a photo with Dave Callan

Dscn4487 Dscn4504

We found an Amy and Rory!


8th and 4th Drs

Dscn4407 Dscn4410


He even had proper English jellybabies!



The 3 Drs  😉


4 Drs? ….  no.. wait!


Dscn4451 Dscn4454

Dscn4457 Dscn4460


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