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PAX – Saturday

This was our Star Wars cosplay day, which meant getting up at 5am… ick!

Dscn4526 Dscn4527

Dscn4532 Dscn4533

Dscn4534 Dscn4535


Battling another pesky Jedi 🙂



Dscn4537 Dscn4540

Dscn4547 Dscn4549

Dscn4551 Dscn4570

Fun with the people of the Rebel Legion and Mandalorian Mercs



Dscn4556 Dscn4559







Dscn4572 Dscn4586

Dscn4573 Dscn4574

Dscn4578 Dscn4581

Dscn4583 Dscn4591

Dscn4587 Dscn4646

Captain Patchit – doing his thang… I meant to go back when he wasn’t busy to say hi, but I forgot 😦 but then I don’t think there was a time when he wasn’t busy..

I didn’t need his services because I came prepared with my own emergency kit of duct tape, threads, pins, bandaids and other things, but I love what this guy does – He goes around conventions giving assistance to any cosplayers whose costumes need fixing!  As in full on, with glue guns and all!  They set up a cosplay changeroom area and he had a little repair station there!  What an awesome idea!!

Dscn4588 Dscn4589

Dscn4593 Dscn4596

Dscn4595 Dscn4654

Dscn4597 Dscn4599

Dscn4598 Dscn4612

Dscn4600 Dscn4610

Cosplay Selfie 🙂

Dscn4603 Dscn4607

Dscn4615 Dscn4624

Dscn4620 Dscn4622

Dscn4621 Dscn4623

Dscn4625 Dscn4633

Dscn4627 Dscn4629

Dscn4631 Dscn4640

Dscn4641 Dscn4647

Dscn4637 Dscn4650

Dscn4636 Dscn4643

Dscn4644 Dscn4645

Dscn4651 Dscn4652

I was so tired, I went back to the car for a little nap 😛



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