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PAX – Sunday

Originally we were going to do Steampunk costumes on Sunday, but we were tired and I wanted to wear comfy shoes and didn’t want to wear a corset (and I don’t have a suitable non-corset top for the outfit)… so we decided to just go jeans and a t-shirt for the Sunday.  But MiniObsi went as Link…. wearing MrObsi’s Link tunic, the shield backpack I made, a dodgy plastic sword we had lying around and I made a Navi from a polystyrene ball 🙂

Dscn4659 Dscn4663

There, I fixed it…. That’s how to keep a door open in style 😛
(hard to see what’s going on in the photo but it’s glass doors with metal handles, that they have tied lanyards around to keep the doors open)


Dscn4668 Dscn4671

Dscn4672 Dscn4673

This guy was great, his guitar played the Engie song, and his teleporter spun and had lights in it!

Dscn4674 Dscn4675

Dscn4677 Dscn4683

Dscn4685 Dscn4680

Dscn4681 Dscn4687

Dscn4688 Dscn4689

Dscn4691 Dscn4693

These Borderlands people are AMAZING!

Dscn4696 Dscn4698

Dscn4699 Dscn4708

This guy was creepily amazing.  He just stood there like a statue, then moved on and stood somewhere else.  I thought he was a statue at first!

Dscn4701 Dscn4717

They had a wall of what people’s dream jobs would be.  Some are funny 😀

Dscn4703 Dscn4705

I saw someone had written “paid to sleep”, so I added “me too :)”

Dscn4706 Dscn4709

Dscn4710 Dscn4714

Dscn4720 Dscn4730

Dscn4721 Dscn4737

As a promo for a game that was featuring paper-looking animals, they had a stand where you could make a paper mouse 🙂

Dscn4723 Dscn4727

Dscn4738 Dscn4746

Dscn4740 Dscn4743

Dscn4745 Dscn4752


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