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Harry Potter Birthday Party – Part 2 (The House)

House decorations

Things I didn’t take a picture of were:

  • Moaning Myrtle picture hanging on the wall of the toilet.
  • I wrote the “chamber of secrets has been opened” thing on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick.
  • We had a Fat Lady print out on MiniObsi’s bedroom door
  • Dobby sign in the kitchen (which will be staying up :P)
  • Hogwarts school crest was stuck to the large mirror in the front hall, with the House crests around it

Hallway of Keys

Dscn4133 I got the base key images from here, and then I googled for wing pictures.  Then in a graphics program I pasted the 2 together to make winged keys and printed them.  Then MiniObsi had the arduous task of cutting them all out 😛  The broken wing key we made into a special coloured key.  In hindsight I’d glue backs and fronts together, to make double sided ones…. as I only did single layer and every time I tried to photograph them hanging up, you only see the plain white side 😛


The entrance to the house on the front porch became the train station – with brick wall for the 9 3/4 platform


We made that by putting masking tape on a $2 plastic tablecloth to mark out the mortar between the “bricks”


Then painting it with brown spray paint (the same as we used for the wand boxes, and you can see the wand boxes on the plastic in the photo :))


Originally I’d planned to take the tape off and then sponge on some different colour browns to make the bricks look better, but I ran out of time.  We’d hung the plastic up on the clothesline to dry overnight and the wind had flapped it all around and made millions of “cracks” and marks in the paint.  Which ended up giving it enough texture that it didn’t matter that I didn’t have time to sponge on the other paints.


The dining hall area



I made the floating candles by using battery operated lealight candles (that I already had), inside toilet paper rolls that were covered in white paper.  The candles were stuck in with double sided tape so I can reuse them.  I covered the end with a circle of white paper, but those had to be sealed up on the night after the candles were turned on (which is why you can see some hanging down in the photo).


Potions class room….


I had to clear off all the books and canisters and things from my shelving and make a bunch of potion bottles. I must admit, I did search op shops for most of the glass bottles, so I probably ended up spending about $20 on them.  I used those plus some I already had, and I also used things like my spice and other canisters that I just labelled the weird thing on the opposite side as the boring “muggle” label 😛


Since I am a Pagan, I had some herby/potiony type books I put up on the top shelf for looks.






Then we had “Diagon Alley” shops in the carport…




Using a CD cabinet 🙂  The shelves in the doors were the “vaults” – there ended up being only 4 party guests (not including MiniObsi) as one girl couldn’t make it on the day, so that allowed us to have 4 shelves as the vaults where the girls coins were kept.  The left over coins (and MiniObsi’s set) were used as decorations with some other stuff I hunted around the house to find that looked like it might be in a vault.





Made up of wooden planter boxes and a card table.. with the wands, wand boxes and a collector card folder because it had the wand display in the front 🙂


Flourish & Blotts


Good thing we have some old books on our bookcase, and the cute bookends… makes the “shop” look better 🙂



The quills were made from feathers with a biro slipped inside 🙂

I worked it out so that they used all their money to buy the supplies, then the money was counted up again and put into their lolly bags when they went home.


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