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Harry Potter Birthday Party – Part 3 (The Party)

The girls arrived and were directed into Diagon Alley (the carport) and given a black bag with their Gringotts withdrawal slip and Train ticket.  They then went to Gringotts where (eventually, after much checking of the appropriate paperwork by a cranky Goblin bank teller!) the vault was opened and they received their coins


Then they went to Flourish & Blotts to buy their books, and lastly to Olivanders to select their wand – they could pick a wand from the wands on display, and then “Olivander” told them what it was made from, based on what I’d put on the labels on their wand boxes – and he put the wand in the box for them.

Once all the supplies were purchased, they made their way through Platform 9 3/4 and into Hogwarts


The first class at Hogwarts was a Wand Decorating class.  Students had some paint, glitter and small gemstones they could use to personalise their wands



Then the girls watched the first Harry Potter movie, while I started cooking.  I’d planned to do a lot of cooking beforehand, so I could reheat on the day… but I’d been too busy with other things.  So I was making pizza (with homemade base), pumpkin pastries, sausage rolls, blueberry tarts all at the same time!   Good thing my kitchen bench is really long 😀  Was a bit hectic!  Had to call hubby in and get him to work on the table too!




Feast Time!


Dessert Table – “Treacle Tarts” (blueberry & apple tarts), Sherbet Lemons and “Golden Snitch Cake Pops” (which I ended up making as coconut truffles with yellow coconut.. since I forgot to buy choc melts for the cake pops and ran out of time/sanity and decided coconut truffles were quicker/easier)



There were “Peter Pettigrew Fingers” (cocktail franks), “Siriusly Black Pasta” (squid ink pasta, with bolognaise sauce in a gravy boat), “Pumpkin Pastries” (I just mixed some mashed pumpkin and potato with a little cooked mince, a pinch of curry powder and some salt and pepper.. they turned out quite good)



“Herbology” (carrot, cucumber & celery sticks) with “Felix Felicis Dip” (sour cream, ricotta and spinach)



“Womping Willow Branches” (homemade sausage rolls), “Molly’s Meat Pies” (party pies), “Potter Pizza” (Homemade pizza circles) and “Sorting Hat Pastries” (rolled up pastry with tomato paste)


“Butterbeer”  (Creamy soda + icecream)


With the lights out and the candles going, it looked quite cool

(flash-less photo is a bit blurry though)


After dinner, time for them to watch the second movie and me to start decorating the cake.   I tried making a coconut truffle into a Snitch.  I used chocolate piped out on baking paper to make wings, painted them with edible gold paint…. and was going to poke the wings into the truffle ball….


But, umm, yeah… that didn’t work so well 😛


Also I was going to use wire to make Harry Potter flying on his broom for the cake… but that didn’t work either… *sigh*  and we didn’t have enough matching LEGO for 3 Quiddich hoops…. – I feel it’s a pretty pathetic cake, but meh… by that stage it was a miracle I wasn’t rocking in a corner 😛



Next morning…. after breakfast…. it was time for Potions Class!


The first potion we made, everyone added 1 tsp of “Sridlitz Powder” (milk powder) to a container, added some water and mixed that, then added a couple of drops of “blood” (food colouring, we had Gnome blood, Dragon’s blood, Raven blood and others), and then a drop of “bile” (dishwashing liquid).  The intended effect was to be that thing where the colours swirl, but I guess it doesn’t work with powdered milk, so that was a flop.

The next potion was to add 1 tsp of “dried Scorpion” (basil seeds) with 1tsp of “vampire blood” (red cordial), then fill the container with “Wizard Water”.  They mixed that up then let it sit for a while, as they did the next potion – the basil seeds soak up the water and get a weird gelatinous coating around them, looking all freaky and weird 😀  They could try drinking this potion if they wanted to.

The 3rd potion was to mix 1 tsp “Skeleton Dust” (“saline“) 1 teaspoon of “Graveyard Dust” (Baking Soda), 2 tsp “Life Renewal Potion” (lemon juice) and we were supposed to add a tsp of “Fairy Waters” (purple carrot juice) but I forgot.  The kids loved it all fizzing, some tried tasting it but hated it of course since it was all salty and sour 😛  So we tried it again without the baking soda, which they found much better.

4th potion was to add “Sridlitz Powder” (Milk powder), with a tsp of “Sand of Time” (sugar) and a couple of drops of “Pixi Tears” (Strawberry flavouring) or “Potion 9096” (chocolate flavouring) and Wizard Water – to make a sort of milkshake.

Then we made a potion where they added 1tsp “Sands of Time” (sugar), 1tsp “Life Renewal Potion” (lemon juice), some “Wizard Water” and then added 1 tsp “Fairy Waters” (which is purple… and watched as the concoction went pink (The acid in the lemon juice turns the purple carrot water pink – this potion made lemonaid)

Then the kids were able to make up their own potions – they loved this!

They had to write down everything they put in, using the black quill for any potions that came from the brown shelving (those were not edible) and the purple Quill for anything from the purple shelf (edible) – so that I could check ingredients before they sampled anything, to make sure it was ok.  But they ended up being mostly interested in mixing the fairyfloss with things and eating it, so they only used the edible potions 😀



The potion contents and labels I had to just try to match with the labels I found online and the ingredients I had already (or could easily buy).  Some of the potion ingredients we had were:

  • Armadillo Bile – Oil
  • Beetle Eyes – Poppy seeds
  • Butterfly Wings – pieces of rice paper
  • Dried Scorpion – Basil Seeds
  • Elixir – Tropical Cordial
  • Elf Wee – Orange Flavouring
  • Extract of Cockatoo – Milk
  • Extract of Fawn – (Brown water) mix of red & green food colouring
  • Fairy Waters – Purple Carrot Water (boiled carrots in water)
  • Fairy Wee – Orange Blossom Water
  • Fairy Tears – Rosewater
  • Graveyard Dust – Saline
  • Life Renewal Potion – Lemon Juice
  • Mermaid tears – Lemon Flavouring
  • Miracle Cure – water with purple food colour
  • Potion #9096 – Chocolate flavouring
  • Ogre Snot – Honey
  • Pixie Tears – Strawberry Flavouring
  • Polyjuice Potion –  Food colouring and basil seeds in water
  • Powder of Life – Beetroot powder
  • Pufferfish Eyes – Tapioca Pearls
  • Sands of Time – Sugar
  • Skelegrow – Icing Sugar
  • Sridlitz Powder – Milk Powder
  • Skeleton Dust – Baking Soda
  • Snake Oil – Jelly snakes in water
  • Sopophorous – Vanilla essence
  • Unicorn mane Hair – Fairy floss
  • Vampire Blood – Red cordial
  • Wise Woman Blend – muesli cereal
  • Witchazel – Vinegar
  • Wizards Waters – water
  • Wolfsbane – purple carrot powder
  • Zombie Dust – Stevia powder
  • Zombie Skin – nori


  • Dragon’s Blood – red
  • Raven’s Blood – blue
  • Gnome Blood – green
  • Snake Blood – yellow
  • Fairy Blood – pink
  • Mermaid Blood – aqua
  • Unicorn Blood – purple

Non edible ones

  • Acromantula venom – Dishwashing liquid
  • Moon Dust – soap flakes
  • Phoenix Ashes – incense ashes
  • Toadstool Clippings – dried berlotti beans
  • Troll ears – Dried avocado skin
  • Wolf fur – dog fur

Lastly I lead them through a potion where they had a glass jar and added Ogre Snot (honey), Extract of cockatoo (milk), Acromantula venom (dishwashing liquid), a coloured water potion of their choice and Armadillo Bile (Oil).  This made a layered potion.

Some kids were more careful than others.. so some worked better than others…. and I’d worked out that for the size of the jar, they needed 4tsp of each ingredient, but then I realised that measuring with the pipettes might be easier, and wasn’t sure how much to use… so the jars ended up being only half full which was a shame.  But we discussed why the items all layered and I think they enjoyed it.



Party done!


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