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2014 Catch up

Wow, so I’ve not been very good with blogging about what’s been going on this year… so I thought I’d cram stuff into this post.  So…


I’ve been dying my hair with only Henna for the last 10 or so years (as part of me trying to avoid chemicals and do things as naturally as possible)…. but I’ve always desperately wanted to have purple hair.  So since I’m also losing a lot of hair thanks to my PCOS… I thought I may as well take the opportunity to do something to my hair that I’ll enjoy, since its thinness was depressing.  So a friend bleached and dyed it for me.  Sadly because of all the henna in it, most of it wouldn’t bleach down light enough so the purple dye didn’t take well the first time around.  Giving me a weird “yay purple” virgin regrowth area and a “basically the same as it was before” everywhere else 😛  Still, some purple was better than none.

Dscn2617 Dscn2620 10253787_10203897543497767_5858717182633671118_n

(excuse the “fresh from the shower” photo :P)

But then I redid it last month, it bleached down much lighter this time, and I finally got my purple hair!!!  Even if it still turned out 2-tone because the henna still didn’t completely come out… and I added some green for fun… which I think worked well to make it look like I planned to have 2 different colour purples in there 😀

(eww, I look horrible blonde!)

Dscn3790  Photo1791


We went to the screening of the Star Wars original Trilogy on May the 4th, which was a lot of fun!   Some people had dressed up.  I just had my Twi’lek hat that my friend Sam made me (which won me a Vader Lightsaber – WOOT!!!!)…  Now that I have my Assajj costume, if they do another screening this year, I may just have to dress up for that too!

Photo1610 Photo1612 10172752_10204029767403282_1811947784173520830_n

Millennium Falcon Rocky Road?  Don’t mind if I do!!!!  😀


…and my cat, Gandalf is very awesome and cuddly.. Dawwwwwww!



I did a 3 day intensive ATS (Tribal Bellydance) drilling class with Devi!

So that basically means dancing from 9am – 5pm almost non-stop for 3 days.  Sooooooo tiring….. sooooo Amazingly worth it!!!



For Book Week MiniObsi wanted to go as something from Alice in Wonderland (her group of friends were all doing different characters from the book)… so we decided on a card.

Dscn3191 Dscn3195


Somewhere around here I got the most awesome coffee mug Pjs and undies ever!

10625117_10205054678425417_8629418112425183688_n 10671265_10205022771587766_1336638218132235092_n




We went to the Timeline Festival at Kryal Castle in Ballarat – that was a lot of fun!!! – To cut down on the photos in this post, I’ve covered that in a separate post:
Timeline Festival


I also performed with 2 of my dance troupes at the Kizmet Bazaar and did a photoshoot.  I’ve done that as a separate blog post too:
September Bellydance Stuff



My Star Wars book collection is coming along nicely 🙂


We went to Apollo Bay for a long weekend away to celebrate my Father-in-law’s birthday.  I was tasked with making the cake, which I’d intended to do a family tree theme.  Had a bit of a problem with the mud cakes I made (they turned out too gooey), so that ruined my plans and I had to run out and grab last minute cakes from coles 😦

But I bought a leaf mold and made dozens of little leaves to decorate it.  I couldn’t decide on light or dark green, so I bought both and then blended the 2 to make some mottled and medium coloured ones.  For one cake I traced the tree design on baking paper with melted chocolate, and then when it was set I peeled it off and put it on the cake.  But it cracked a lot, so for the second one I just freehand drew the tree on.

DSCN3785 Dscn3795 Dscn3798

  Dscn3807 Dscn3817

Beach and rainforest within about a 15 min drive 😀

Dscn3838 Dscn3919

Photo1816 Photo1822

(MrObsi wrote a message of love… awwww :))


For the WISH (Women in Solidarity with Hijabis) campaign, I wore a hijab for a week.  I really like the look – I’ve always found them to be so elegant and lovely.

Dscn3941 Dscn3968

Photo1857 Dscn3999

We had an “Undead Bride” type Halloween themed dance performance which was a lot of fun.  I needed to make a white/cream outfit, so that was a bit of scouring op shops for bits and pieces!

Dscn4287 Dscn4288

10710949_10203893165347775_4793239971473860838_n 10387499_994238360603024_819444153976061939_n


Then there was the Harry Potter Birthday….
Harry Potter Birthday Party – Part 1 (The Loot)Harry Potter Birthday Party – Part 2 (The House) | Harry Potter Birthday Party – Part 3 (The Party)


….and then PAX! (busy month!!!)


PAX! – Friday | PAX – Saturday | PAX – Sunday


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