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Star Wars Birthday!

I decided to throw myself a Star Wars themed birthday party…. a bit of a spur of the moment thing, and there were just the 3 of us , so it’s not terribly grand, but it made me smile 😀


(yes, there are peas in the penne alla arrabbiata!)

I used my milennium falcon cookie cutter to cut the pizza dough for the pizzas (but you lose the shape on they are cooked).  I actually detest rockmelon (I call it “stinkymelon” because the smell makes me feel sick).  But it was perfect for making a Death Star, so I had to have it!

My “cake” was the chocolate Millenium Falcon – it’s “Obsi Road”!  (A friend says I can’t call it rocky road because it doesn’t have nuts in it and that’s not right :P) Basically I put some chocolate into the mold, then I mix marshmallows, ricebubbles, a bit of butter or coconut oil and cardamon seeds together with the remaining chocolate and pour that in.  Makes an AWESOME rocky road thing.  The rice bubbles give it a bit of crunch (hubby doesn’t eat nuts), and I love the pop of cardamon you get when you find a seed.



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