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Short version, I made a Mineopoly board 😀

Long version…

It was MiniObsi’s birthday the other day, and she’d wanted to spend her birthday at home (the day after she spent with her friends), so we bought a “Minecraft” Monopoly game from the discount store (for $8 :P) …


Which (unsurprisingly) turned out to be nothing minecrafty at all (just the picture on the box and middle of the board), and actually quite dodgy (but hilariously so).  It was in French, and most cards had spelling mistakes or didn’t match the property names on the board.

Dscn0515 Dscn0508

We got a “COURCELLES STREET” and a “COURCELLES STREEF“, but no “STREET OF VAUGIRARD” – so we had to change the card 😛

You’ll notice they are also “TITRE DEED” cards too lol

Dscn0510 Dscn0511

Someone can’t spell boulevard.  Another mis-matched property card and board name, that we had to fix with a marker.


You can get out of “JALL” free, and you can get out of “JAIL TREE”.  Also it’s apparently simple to visit someone in jail 😀


So after laughing at those for a while, I decided that we needed proper Minecraft Monopoly (mineopoly!).  I googled to see if anyone had made one, and I found one, but I didn’t really like how it was done, so I decided to make my own.




I’ve put everything I made up on minecraftyness.weebly.com in case anyone wants to download it all.


I made custom backings for the cards (and converted the Monopoly ones into more Minecrafty ones).

I can never manage to get them to align properly if printing the same page front and back, so I just cut them out separately and laminating together.  If you want to make your own, download the back pictures to use.

Mineopoly_villagechest_cardback Mineopoly_enchantt_cardback

Mineopoly_enchant_cards | Mineopoly_enchant_cards_back




And of course, money!

mineopoly_money_1 mineopoly_money_5col

mineopoly_money_10col mineopoly_money_20col

mineopoly_money_50col mineopoly_money_100col


And I’ll use the fake “LEBQ” Minifig heads as the player tokens



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