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Lady Iron Man

PAX time again!   This year I decided I wanted to do a female Iron Man costume.  I was inspired by these Here & Here – because let’s face it, I’m not built for wearing anything like actual armour, and it seemed fun to make a sort of Victorian lady inspired version.  (Hubby decided to do a steampunkish Gambit to go with mine)

So….. While it’s actually a really simple costume I am proud of how it all came together!


I was going to have a go at making my own arc reactor and building it into the corset, but I ended up finding a battery powered one on ebay for $20, and I figured that was the easier route as I’ve not yet done any LED work myself and that seems scary 😛   It’s got a hook on the top so I just use a nappy pin to attach it to the corset.  Easy 😀

I bought 2 masks, as I wanted to do the mask-on-a-stick masquerade thing – because I thought it would be more unique and more comfortable, but also I flirted with the idea of a wearable mask for convenience and the other mask I bought has a lift-up faceplate… which you know, can let me eat and breathe and such  (it was also bigger and fit a bit better).  But since the stick I bought to attach it to (which was from a cat toy) had plastic end caps that came off, I managed to glue the cap to the mask, that allowed me to wear the mask as a mask, or put it on the stick.

dscn0715Although since I was restricted to where I could attach it (due to the shape of the mask) it’s not in an ideal position for wearing, as I have to lean forward a bit or jam my arm into my chest to make it work, but anyway…

With some false eyelashes and gold braid, it becomes….


For the corset I got gold lycra I happened to have, and I made myself a top to wear under it, and cut strips out to sew into the corset panels to approximate some of the armour panels.


After searching online for some sort of small light thing I could use for my hand repulsors (I’ve seen a lot of people using those round night-light things, but those are HUGE compared to a hand…….   I eventually found these!  Except I ended up finding cheaper ones on ebay 😉 (on ebay they are selling them as dog collar lights!)


They are 2 half-domes of clear plastic with an LED light, which you simply press to turn them on and off (they do have flashing modes too).  They even have a starburst type pattern in them – woot!    Taking the dome-halves apart you can take out the hook part, leaving just a plain sphere. So what I did was cut a small hole in the gloves (ebay again) and put the light together sandwiching the glove inside.  If that makes sense.  To turn them on/off I just press my palms together!


With a couple of skirts (also from ebay), and a little top hat (again, ebay :D), a wig (ebay, what a surprise) and an op-shop necklace that was gold and orange that I painted red with nail polish  we have….


Lady Iron Man… or Iron Maiden as a friend called me 😀
(Not the Iron Lady, as that’s Margaret Thatcher :P)


— edit —

I wore the same costume again for PAX 2016, but with the mask that had the liftup faceplate.  Holding the masquerade mask all day was annoying and that mask was a bit too small and left a mark on my forehead.  So the larger mask with the faceplate was MUCH more comfortable!  I added the gold braid trim and false eyelashes to that mask as well


It also let me breathe when it got hot 🙂




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