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PAX 2015 – Friday

dscn0836bNormally we do a Steampunk day but we decided we’d do something different and we wanted to do a Firefly cosplay, but we were on an extreme budget!  And had trouble finding costume bits (cheaply).   I’d been having trouble finding the overalls Kaylee wears (especially in a size to fit me) and I’m not really built for dressing up as anyone else.

In the end we decided a Hawaiian shirt with dinosaurs in the pockets (and his firefly dino tshirt under) for hubby to be Wash, and I fashioned a stupid Inara outfit from stuff I already had, plus a discount store wig 😛

So it was a bit of a crappy costume 😦

Anyway – PAX was great as usual!  This year though we decided that rather than standing around in the queue line for an hour or 2, we’d just get there a bit later and sit around in the main area until it opened.  Which worked well 😀

Some general PAXiness photos:

dscn0841 dscn0842 dscn0852

dscn0857 dscn0861 dscn0870

dscn0872 dscn0877 dscn0878

dscn0880 dscn0884 dscn0887

dscn0888b  dscn0890b dscn0892

dscn0893 dscn0904

dscn0902 dscn0903 dscn0908

dscn0911 dscn0912 dscn0914

dscn0915 dscn0913 dscn0938

dscn0881 dscn0899



And this is what posr-pax-wig-head looks like 😛





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