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PAX 2015 – Saturday

dscn0963Saturday was our Dr Who day this year.

Another ebay costume 🙂  I got a plain blue corset from ebay and added in the window panels.  You can’t really tell but the little top hat has a light in the top (finger-lights that I got from ebay).  The blue skirt and gloves were also from there – but the black top and black skirt are bellydance costume bits I already had.

We found some other Whovians to be photographed with too!


dscn0968 dscn0969

Queue room fun with Fallout4  – Nuka Quantum drinks and Fallout-Boy masks for all.

dscn0987 dscn0971

dscn0976 dscn0978 dscn0990

dscn0991 dscn0994 dscn0995

dscn0996 dscn1006

dscn0999 dscn1013 dscn1020

dscn1016 dscn1021

dscn1025 dscn1026 dscn1027

dscn1030 dscn1031 dscn1032

dscn1034 dscn1035 dscn1038

dscn1039 dscn1042 dscn1043

dscn1040 dscn1045

dscn1046 dscn1048 dscn1049

dscn1052 dscn1053 dscn1055

dscn1047 dscn1075

dscn1056 dscn1058 dscn1062

dscn1065 dscn1066

dscn1070 dscn1073 dscn1093

dscn1085 dscn1087

dscn1088 dscn1090 dscn1103

dscn1091 dscn1092 dscn1109





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