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PAX 2015 – Sunday

dscn1110Sunday MiniObsi joined us, so we all went with a Superhero/Supervillain type theme.

Mini was a Steampunk Harley Quinn, I was Lady Ironman and MrObsi was a Steampunk Gambit.

We made Mini’s mallet from foam and cardboard, with a fabric roll handle 😀  We attached painted sheets of paper to the mallet and stuck painted faux pearl stickers on there to look like rivets.  It ended up being pretty light (important when having to carry it around all day)

dscn1119 dscn1121

dscn1126 dscn1127

dscn1148 dscn1144

dscn1141 dscn1143

dscn1150 dscn1151


dscn1171 dscn1159

dscn1154 dscn1157

dscn1181 dscn1192 dscn1194

dscn1195 dscn1200

dscn1201 dscn1208 dscn1211

dscn1204 dscn1210

dscn1211 dscn1212

dscn1214 dscn1232

dscn1229 dscn1230


dscn1231 dscn1238 dscn1256

dscn1260 dscn1262

dscn1263 dscn1264

dscn1266 dscn1296

dscn1270 dscn1291 dscn1293

dscn1294 dscn1295p


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