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Rebel Legion

The Rebel Legion is basically a costume group that does charity work.  Who dress up in screen accurate Star Wars costumes (for the good guys only), and normally it’s done at events where they help raise money for charity.   We’d seen the Rebel Legion stand at PAX and OzComic Con, and were keen to join – as I love Star Wars, I love cosplay and if it’s also helping charity then that’s a bonus!

But it took us a while to source the right fabrics and gear for our costumes.  Finances were a bit tight, and we needed to buy belts, boots, food capsules, pouches as well as the fabrics to make our outfits.  Finally though we got our costumes made and we’re now members – woo!


I made the lightsaber from a torch – It’s a temporary one until I can justify the expense of buying another saber, as my ultrasabers one has a blade that is too short, and with the cost of shipping I may as well buy a whole new saber that will look better, than just buy a new blade)


Our first troop was for a KidsFlix, where we (plus a bunch of Disney princesses and other cosplayers) entertained kids waiting to go into the movies 🙂


I was wearing a wig because my hair desperately needed redying!


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