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House beautification

In addition to getting a start on some garden organising, I got stuck into getting some of the house cleaned and organised.  I decided to start on the bathroom since that seemed the easiest point.

I (finally) convinced hubby that painting the window/door frames black was a good idea.  Ideally I’d paint them white, but that would require paint stripping and sanding and frankly that’s too much effort.  Also I can’t have white in the bathroom and brown elsewhere, and doing them all is a daunting prospect – so I figured a coat of black over the brown should be easy to do, not require sanding and not look that drastically different to the brown elsewhere.

The house came with a turquoise bathroom cabinet.  While I appreciate colour, it’s just a bit weird there!  So while I could paint it white, after seeing some pins on pinterest where people had used wrapping paper to back cupboards, I remembered that Ishka has awesome paisley wrapping paper, so I decided to go with the theme!


I also painted the outside black, and also the window/door frames.  Added a few plants, bought new teal bathmat and hand towels.



Makes a huge difference just for a bit of paint and a few little changes! 😀

(The hanging basket thing is going to have a hanging “chain of pearls” in it, when I get one 😀 )

We also did some work in the kitchen…..  When the old bench hotplates was cut out the tiles fell off the wall beside it and the upper cupboard was cut out to make way for the rangehood but the old cupboard was just left with no side from where it was cut.  We never got around to putting a side on it… but now we have!  And the bare plasterboard is now white (I didn’t want to paint it cream to match the rest of the wall, we’ll put a bit of molding there to hide the join.  Hubby had made thin cupboards to fill the spaces beside the stove, but they were never painted – just plain chipboard, with metal tops (so I could wipe them).  So I painted those.  (One day I want doors on them too…)


I was also sick of the pantry.  When we moved in it was just bare chipboard, which was gross, so before I would even put my food in there, I needed a quick fix, which was to put black faux-marble contact on it, with electrical tape on the edge – but that made the pantry very dark (although easy to clean), and the tape got old and lost its stick so it got stickytaped on 😛   So I ripped all that out and painted it all white.






And I found a cute way to display all my cupcake wrappers!


I’ve also painted and covered with more paisley paper a shelf we use in the toilet.  It was a “shabby chic” thing that was painted to look old, and the stained with brown wood stain, but it always just looked dirty, which is especially icky in a toilet 😛   So it’s now black and purple paisley 😀  Much better!


I’ll be painting the window/door frames in there black too, and I’ve bought a black metal toilet roll holder, so I’ll take a photo of there once it is all ready.

I’ve also become quite a fan of succulents.  So I bought some and planted them in little pots and things for around the house

dscn5631 dscn5635 dscn5639




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