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New Pond and Rock garden

The new pond and rock garden are now in (have been for a week and a half now)!  So here’s an update.

I (with a bit of help from Mini and MrObsi) cleared out all that garden bed – dug down about 20cm, ended up with 2 full wheelbarrows (lucky we have 2 wheelbarrows), 1 large garbage bin and about 8 buckets full (bagged in plastic) dirt that can’t be used for anything.  Still no idea what we’re doing with it….. contemplating a garden skip (since we likely also have to remove the entire lemon tree due to gall-wasp, and that’s taller than the house).

dscn5642I also cleared out the overgrown grass and passionfruit vine growing up the fence.  No before pic because it was a disgrace, but the stuff I cleared away filled the garden waste wheelie bin, and I estimate I recovered a space about 6 metres by 1 metre.   The replacement sealant of the holes in the pond shell was holding up fine, no leaks so that was all set.  Of course the day after we dug it all out, it rained and we had a pond!  (ahh the joys of clay soil).  Luckily it did drain out.   So we sprayed more weed killer through the bed, put down the black plastic that was the old pond liner and 3 bags of screenings gravel.  Then filled the pond and gathered the rocks to make a rock garden!




But then I decided we needed to paint the porch railings because they were rusting away, and if we didn’t do something about it soon, we’d have to replace them.  Ideally you’re supposed to sand back all the rust and repaint, but if sanded it all back there are some spots that wouldn’t have much actual metal left, so we just wirebrushed off the loose bits and painted over everything.  Should give us a few more years before we need to replace it.  Avoiding the now filled pond was fun though 😛







We had to put the fish in before the pump/fountain arrived because we started getting mosquito lavae in the pond.  We’ve lost one fish, I’m hoping we don’t lose any more 😦




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