PAX 2016 – Saturday

Superhero Saturday!

(posing on the airvent makes my skirt look fabulous lol)

dscn4937 dscn4940 dscn4946


dscn4948 dscn4950

dscn4954 dscn4955

dscn4961 dscn4962


Confected Cosplay has an awesome photo of the 3 of us!

Wearing the lift-up faceplate mask this time instead of the masquerade one.  SOOOOOO much more comfortable!   I even bought some gold and red fake eyelashes for it, and trimmed it in gold braid like I had for the masquerade one.  Though one eyelash started falling off, so I had to avail myself of Captain patch It’s services (or the cosplay repair room at least) to fix it 😀  (achievement get!)

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PAX 2015 – Sunday

dscn1110Sunday MiniObsi joined us, so we all went with a Superhero/Supervillain type theme.

Mini was a Steampunk Harley Quinn, I was Lady Ironman and MrObsi was a Steampunk Gambit.

We made Mini’s mallet from foam and cardboard, with a fabric roll handle 😀  We attached painted sheets of paper to the mallet and stuck painted faux pearl stickers on there to look like rivets.  It ended up being pretty light (important when having to carry it around all day)

dscn1119 dscn1121

dscn1126 dscn1127

dscn1148 dscn1144

dscn1141 dscn1143

dscn1150 dscn1151


dscn1171 dscn1159

dscn1154 dscn1157

dscn1181 dscn1192 dscn1194

dscn1195 dscn1200

dscn1201 dscn1208 dscn1211

dscn1204 dscn1210

dscn1211 dscn1212

dscn1214 dscn1232

dscn1229 dscn1230


dscn1231 dscn1238 dscn1256

dscn1260 dscn1262

dscn1263 dscn1264

dscn1266 dscn1296

dscn1270 dscn1291 dscn1293

dscn1294 dscn1295p

PAX 2015 – Saturday

dscn0963Saturday was our Dr Who day this year.

Another ebay costume 🙂  I got a plain blue corset from ebay and added in the window panels.  You can’t really tell but the little top hat has a light in the top (finger-lights that I got from ebay).  The blue skirt and gloves were also from there – but the black top and black skirt are bellydance costume bits I already had.

We found some other Whovians to be photographed with too!


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PAX 2015 – Friday

dscn0836bNormally we do a Steampunk day but we decided we’d do something different and we wanted to do a Firefly cosplay, but we were on an extreme budget!  And had trouble finding costume bits (cheaply).   I’d been having trouble finding the overalls Kaylee wears (especially in a size to fit me) and I’m not really built for dressing up as anyone else.

In the end we decided a Hawaiian shirt with dinosaurs in the pockets (and his firefly dino tshirt under) for hubby to be Wash, and I fashioned a stupid Inara outfit from stuff I already had, plus a discount store wig 😛

So it was a bit of a crappy costume 😦

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PAX – Sunday

Originally we were going to do Steampunk costumes on Sunday, but we were tired and I wanted to wear comfy shoes and didn’t want to wear a corset (and I don’t have a suitable non-corset top for the outfit)… so we decided to just go jeans and a t-shirt for the Sunday.  But MiniObsi went as Link…. wearing MrObsi’s Link tunic, the shield backpack I made, a dodgy plastic sword we had lying around and I made a Navi from a polystyrene ball 🙂

Dscn4659 Dscn4663

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