Memories Thru The Ages Convention

My first proper Red Hat Society convention – and it was FABULOUS!

(I have lots of photos to show!)

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Clothing collection

A small group of fellow Red Hatters went to a private clothing collection museum in Bulleen.   It was amazing!  The woman who runs it focuses on everyday Australian clothing pieces (from settlement until modern times), and also collects the reference materials (advertisements, magazines etc.) so that she has reference to how the items are worn as the entire completed outfit – what hairstyles and accessories would be worn as well.  To give you an accurate picture of what women wore through history.

It was FABULOUS!  I’d love to go again!

(Lots of great costume inspiration for Steampunk/Victorian cosplay!)

photo2430 photo2428

photo2468 photo2447

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I don’t know why – maybe it was from watching the love boat or something, but I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise.  I didn’t care where to, because I just wanted to be on a cruise ship.  When we traveled on the boats from Tassie to Melbourne as kids it was fun – just being on the ship.

Well I finally got an opportunity to go on a cruise!!!!!

<insert music “(I’ve had) The Time of my Life”>

No offense to other life altering experience, like… you know… getting married and having a child.  But I have to say, this is right up there with those!

Just to Tasmania, so nothing fancy, but the ship didn’t have to leave port as far as I was concerned! so going to Tassie was fine.  (In fact not crossing any rough oceans or going anywhere likely to have monsoons and such is actually a positive).  I went with a group of 24 Red Hatters  (I’m a Pink Hatter, because I’m under 50).  We sailed on the Golden Princess.

I made a video montage from the photos and videos I took 🙂   And I took a bazillion photos!

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Pirate Party

Last month we went up to Albury, so I could go to a Pirate themed party with the Red Hat Society – it was great fun, and the first large Red Hat event I’d been to.  I won second prize with my costume (and other than the hat [which I made from an ebay sunhat and some braid/lace] and gun – everything else was stuff I already had!)

We had some fun taking photos around the pool of the motel we stayed in.  Funnily enough, since the pool is right at the entrance, as we were doing the photos, a car drove out and called out to us – it was full of Red Hatters staying at the same motel 😀





While I was off being a Pirate Wench, Hubby and MiniObsi went off to the Ettamogah Pub and the Botanical Gardens









Hubby got all artistic and took a photo of a lamppost with the sun behind it 🙂