PAX 2016 – Saturday

Superhero Saturday!

(posing on the airvent makes my skirt look fabulous lol)

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Confected Cosplay has an awesome photo of the 3 of us!

Wearing the lift-up faceplate mask this time instead of the masquerade one.  SOOOOOO much more comfortable!   I even bought some gold and red fake eyelashes for it, and trimmed it in gold braid like I had for the masquerade one.  Though one eyelash started falling off, so I had to avail myself of Captain patch It’s services (or the cosplay repair room at least) to fix it 😀  (achievement get!)

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Mini wanted a budgie, so we got her one 😀  After much deliberation it’s called “Cheeky”, short for Blue Cheeks.   Although a week or so after she named it, we realised we should have called it R2 or something Star Wars related because it’s blue and it sounds a bit like R2D2 😀



Townsville Holiday & Wedding

My Sister in law got married in Townsville, so we went up for the wedding and a few days holiday too.

How’s this for coincidence – we get on the plane, look over and we just happen to be seated across the isle from other family members flying up there!  Not only were we on the same plane, but of all the seats in the plane – we were in the same row!  Amazing!!




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Bit windy, but I wanted to take a picture of the faded purple (that is blue) with the newer purple top (which was a different dye to what I normally use).  Looked quite pretty!

Oz Comic Con

We went to Oz Comic Con with the Rebel Legion (rattling tins to raise money and manning the stall).  Mini entered a kids cosplay competition with her Steampunk Harley costume



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20160612_100407-2 20160612_100438-2

20160612_100452-2 20160611_124156-2

John Barrowman’s timtam tower 😀  (I can’t believe we don’t have any photos of him! 😦 )  His panel was HILARIOUS!  He came out wearing Pj pants and high heels 😀


Rebel Legion Photo shoot



Day 2 I had a terrible headache from the too-tight wig, so I had to go wigless.


(I’m the only Jedi too poor to have a lightsaber *sigh*)





Clothing collection

A small group of fellow Red Hatters went to a private clothing collection museum in Bulleen.   It was amazing!  The woman who runs it focuses on everyday Australian clothing pieces (from settlement until modern times), and also collects the reference materials (advertisements, magazines etc.) so that she has reference to how the items are worn as the entire completed outfit – what hairstyles and accessories would be worn as well.  To give you an accurate picture of what women wore through history.

It was FABULOUS!  I’d love to go again!

(Lots of great costume inspiration for Steampunk/Victorian cosplay!)

photo2430 photo2428

photo2468 photo2447

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