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Pressie List

This is for my family… so everyone else can ignore it  – or hey.. feel free to buy me stuff, I don’t mind!!!  (you can find MiniObsi’s list here)

Specific things

(If ideas aren’t enough, some specific ideas)

(*$20 Steam giftcards can be found at Coles, whereas EB and JB seem to only have $50 ones)

General Things I like:

(with links to my pinterest boards for more ideas. You can also get an idea of the things I like by looking at my “pinterest” boards – https://www.pinterest.com/obsi)

  • Make me something!!! 😀
  • Favourite colours = Purple and Teal
  • Paisley, “Hamsa (Hand of Fatima)“, Mehendi/Mandalas, “Sugar Skulls
  • Indian/Hippy style things… Moroccan lamp style things.
  • Anything from “Ishka”, “Tree of Life” or “Think Geek” (See my wishlist here)
  • Geeky” themed things:
    • Star Wars themed things (in particular Stormtroopers, but not the new look ones),
    • Dr Who themed things (Tardis things more than the actual Drs),
    • Marvel/DC themed things (particularly Iron Man , Wonder Woman & Batman),
    • Video Game themed things (Legend of Zelda, Mario, Bioshock, Minecraft etc.)
  • Steampunk themed things.


Foody things I like: 

[No dairy]

  • Nuts – Macadamia, cashews, pecans especially
  • Dairy free chocolate – Pana chocolate  (Rose, nuts, raw, 80), Loving Earth chocolate (coconut, salted caramel, caramel, hazelnut)
  • Thomas chipman chips (Mixed root, Sweet potato, carrot & flaxseed corn chips)
  • Any “blue” (purple) corn chips
  • Berries – Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries



Please don’t get me:

  • Jewellery with metal on it (other than sterling silver) unless it’s earrings that I can remove the hooks from and replace with sterling silver ones (I’m allergic to all metals other than sterling silver and gold.)
  • Soaps/Lotions/Potions that contain anything other than natural plant based ingredients.  If it’s “natural” (eg no ingredients listed that look like they come from a lab) then it’s good 🙂

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