Potter Tree is up!

We decided a few years ago to have themed Xmas trees, so this year is Harry Potter theme!

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Officially the best house ever!!! – Part 2

I don’t mean to brag, but I am the parrot whisperer 😀

MrBirdy saw me in the lounge this morning, flew over to sit near the window and tweeted to me

So (unfortunately complete with my bed hair and dressing gown) I grabbed a handful of seed and went out.

He was chatting away as he was eating, then I realised he’d brought his wife! She was a bit more timid, She climbed down to as close as she could get in the tree but wouldn’t come over. MrBirdy kept chatting to her, I presume saying either “it’s ok, she’s nice” or “Nom Nom, I’m eating all the food” or something

I had to (slowly) go right up to the tree she was in, and then she climbed down the leaves to hang upside down and eat from my hand. Then I moved just out of reach so she had to land on my hand. After that though she was fine and was even happy when I brought my arms in closer.

They are wary of the dog. They aren’t too fussed if it’s more than a metre away, but get (understandably) jittery when he’s under them or too close. They flew away at one point because he barked, but they came back again.

The other day I had named MrBirdy “Minty” because Hubs had said he thought the mint green feathers were unusual, but after googling it seems they all have them. But now they are a pair I’ve decided they are Vermillion (the male, means red) and Viridian (the female, means green or blue/green)

So blessed!

They got a little spooked when the dog barked at them…. but then they chilled out on the table.

I’ve now bought a hanging bird feeder and a bird bath for them 🙂


Vegetarian Sausage rolls

I made sausage rolls last night and experimented with some vegetarian ones for Mini.  They actually worked!

No fancy smancy photos, because I’m not that kind of gal – go to a proper recipe blog for that!

I didn’t follow a recipe, but I did get the idea for using walnuts from a friend.  To give them a bit more of a “meaty” body/texture.

So what I did was a tin of lentils, probably half a cup of walnuts, 3 mushrooms, a wholemeal bread crust, an egg, grated zucchini and carrot, a teaspoon each of wholeseed mustard, basil pesto, vegetable stock powder, dried mixed herbs and a few teaspoons of sesame seeds – and mixed that all up in a food processor.  Then spread that on the pastry sheets and made sausage rolls the normal way.

Spiderman getting ENTIRELY TOO FAMILIAR!

Another “It could only happen to me” story that is too hilariously embarrassing not to share…

Hubs and I are….. enjoying some ..er.. quality time ….. which is ended very abruptly when a spider bites me where the sun most definitely does not shine!!!


(I love this house, but the spiders are entirely too friendly for my liking!!!!)

I’d thought I felt something on my leg, but assumed it must be the sheet or something, then it crawled over my hip and I flicked it away and felt it was a creepy-crawly, so I was in the process of trying to get out of bed to investigate, and it bit me in a very delicate place

Rude bastard didn’t even buy me a drink first before creating a non-consensual threesome!!