Our second Bin Isolation Outing shenanigans…Β  Meet….. Dragpool!

This is what you get when you combine my Deadpool cosplay with a feathered headdress I bought from the lovely Jessica from Drag Bingo…. mixed with bellydance gear.Β  Coz, you know…. go hard or go home really πŸ˜› πŸ˜€Β  (And I am home… so…..)

Excuse my hole…. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


Also my poor postie is probably traumatised…
He totally chose the wrong (or right!) time to do his run of our street πŸ˜€


When your bins go out more than you do….

So obviously we’re allΒ  staying home due to the plagueΒ  sworn an oath of solitude until the pestilence is purged from the land! … which is fine – I’m a social recluse gamer type…. staying in my house doing nothing, and avoiding social contact where at all possible, is something I excel in! – I’ve been practicing for this my whole life πŸ˜›

But a friend on facebook introduced me to a group (Bin Isolation Outings) where insane people like me, get dressed up in weird stuff (or sometimes fancy stuff) to take the bins out (and bring them in)…. just to entertain themselves and others.

Well obviously, as cosplayers and generally weirdos – we had to do it!

Week 1, MiniObsi and I decided we’d do Star Wars…..

Officially the best house ever!!! – Part 2

I don’t mean to brag, but I am the parrot whisperer πŸ˜€

MrBirdy saw me in the lounge this morning, flew over to sit near the window and tweeted to me

So (unfortunately complete with my bed hair and dressing gown) I grabbed a handful of seed and went out.

He was chatting away as he was eating, then I realised he’d brought his wife! She was a bit more timid, She climbed down to as close as she could get in the tree but wouldn’t come over. MrBirdy kept chatting to her, I presume saying either “it’s ok, she’s nice” or “Nom Nom, I’m eating all the food” or something

I had to (slowly) go right up to the tree she was in, and then she climbed down the leaves to hang upside down and eat from my hand. Then I moved just out of reach so she had to land on my hand. After that though she was fine and was even happy when I brought my arms in closer.

They are wary of the dog. They aren’t too fussed if it’s more than a metre away, but get (understandably) jittery when he’s under them or too close. They flew away at one point because he barked, but they came back again.

The other day I had named MrBirdy “Minty” because Hubs had said he thought the mint green feathers were unusual, but after googling it seems they all have them. But now they are a pair I’ve decided they are Vermillion (the male, means red) and Viridian (the female, means green or blue/green)

So blessed!

They got a little spooked when the dog barked at them…. but then they chilled out on the table.

I’ve now bought a hanging bird feeder and a bird bath for them πŸ™‚


Vegetarian Sausage rolls

I made sausage rolls last night and experimented with some vegetarian ones for Mini.Β  They actually worked!

No fancy smancy photos, because I’m not that kind of gal – go to a proper recipe blog for that!

I didn’t follow a recipe, but I did get the idea for using walnuts from a friend.Β  To give them a bit more of a “meaty” body/texture.

So what I did was a tin of lentils, probably half a cup of walnuts, 3 mushrooms, a wholemeal bread crust, an egg, grated zucchini and carrot, a teaspoon each of wholeseed mustard, basil pesto, vegetable stock powder, dried mixed herbs and a few teaspoons of sesame seeds – and mixed that all up in a food processor.Β  Then spread that on the pastry sheets and made sausage rolls the normal way.

Spiderman getting ENTIRELY TOO FAMILIAR!

Another “It could only happen to me” story that is too hilariously embarrassing not to share…

Hubs and I are….. enjoying some ..er.. quality time ….. which is ended very abruptly when a spider bites me where the sun most definitely does not shine!!!


(I love this house, but the spiders are entirely too friendly for my liking!!!!)

I’d thought I felt something on my leg, but assumed it must be the sheet or something, then it crawled over my hip and I flicked it away and felt it was a creepy-crawly, so I was in the process of trying to get out of bed to investigate, and it bit me in a very delicate place

Rude bastard didn’t even buy me a drink first before creating a non-consensual threesome!!


Placed my headphones down on the table beside me.. (which are the old fashioned kind with foam bits that go over your ears, except the foam has long since disintegrated so it’s just uncomfortable plastic (but I like the shape/style and can’t find a replacement the same!)…..

Put them back on, and wondered why there were cold prickly things poking into my ear!

Turns out…. headphones are magnetic, and pins – such as those from the pincushion I’d inadvertently placed the headphones onto…. will stick to them!

Reason #54098534893457 I LOVE my new house!!!!


The previous owners had told us they used to feed a King Parrot who was friendly, but we hadn’t seen one.

This morning it came down and sat on our outside table, then Fudge saw it and went over, which scared it off. So I put some seed down, and it came back! Even Fudge hanging around mostly didn’t bother it – it’d fly off but then come back again.

A rosella joined it briefly at one point, but that one is more skittish and any time Fudge gets close it flies off.

Wasabi and Roast beef sandwiches are the BOMB!

Omm nommm…. Roast beef and wasabi mayo sandwich for breakfast

Much to Mini’s disgust

Which, to be fair, isn’t surprising since Mini is vegetarian and hates wasabi…. But I did point out that surely it’s better (in their mind) than my beloved anchovy paste – which Mini considers too vile for words, and would make me eat outside if not for the fact I’m the adult!

Spidery Capers

Today is the first day we’ve had the water not turned off – so first day we can go to the toilet whenever we like

I go to partake of the novelty, and choose the main toilet, not the ensuite (out of habit now since we’ve been without the ensuite toilet since Thursday night, also it was closer). I step into the room, close the door and there’s a MASSIVE huntsman about halfway down the door and crawling down towards the floor.

So I shriek and try and get as far away as I can, which isn’t far, since the toilet room is very small and (obviously) mostly taken up by aforementioned toilet

I’m now closed into the smallest room in the house – WITH A GIGANTIC SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it’s on my only escape!

Spider reaches the floor and starts running towards me, I shriek more, contemplate climbing onto the toilet, and realise I’m going to have to step over the spider to get out, and pray it doesn’t climb up my leg or something in the process….

But there’s only a small space between the toilet and the door, given the door opens inward, so I do a frantic/panicked step/jump thing to get to the door (with obligatory flailing arms and more shrieking) in that “if I don’t keep my feet on the ground too long then the spider can’t climb onto my foot” thinking….. then I have to take a step back to open the door, taking me closer to spider.

I open the door and am about to launch myself out but hubs is there (he’d no doubt figured what was up by now!) I push past him making incomprehensible sounds that translate to “there’s a @$#&^$ big spider in the toilet, get out of my way!”

I get to the lounge and I’m still flapping my arms around and babbling in post-spider-trauma……. Mini (student free day) gives me a hug

I calm down and decide the ensuite seems like a much better option, and boy I’m glad I have a good pelvic floor


First Halloween in our new house. We’d planned a party but our water pipe burst, so we had a week of plumbers turning off the water to repair all the old pipes…. so the lack of toilet and water meant that wasn’t possible to have people over Nevermind, we’ll do one next year.

So we were also in a bit of a funk (because of the water issues), and I didn’t get a chance to buy some last minute things I wanted (Didn’t want to leave the workmen alone)…. but we put some decorations out.

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MiniObsi’s Ahsoka (inspired) cosplay – They wore this last PAX we went to as well, but I’m showing it off again because it looks awesome πŸ˜€

Although it seems hubs might have accidentally thrown out the short yellow Ultrasabers lightsaber when he was throwing out the cheap plastic ones before we moved – as we can’t find it anywhere So for these shots Mini is using a dodgy copper-pipe lightsaber I started making (was going to be a Steampunk one) that doesn’t light up.

This is Ahsoka for those who don’t know the character.

Mini wanted a long skirt version instead of the mini skirt, so I made the long dress, with a bit of a train (and Mini is using the painted front flap/tabard thing from my Asajj costume). We did have faux leather armbands that go over the red fabric ones but Mini has lost one of them (they are too tight now anyway)…. and we did have upper leather bands, but Mini finds them uncomfortable so left them off.

Also…. we originally attempted to make the headtails – from expanding foam and papermache…. but it looked awful and was uncomfortable, so we did a stylized version with the wig and fascinator instead

Mini’s new Haircut

Mini wanted a buzz cut – asked last night (in that “I’m sure mum will say no but I have to at least ask” way)…

Mini: Mum……. can I… get my head shaved….
Me: sure
<stunned silence>
Mini: Really???
Me: Your head, your hair…
Mini: Ohh… cool!
Me: Err, does school allow shaved heads?
Mini: yes, they only have a requirement for natural hair colours, shaved is fine
(Proceeds to remind me of a story where a guy in their class shaved his head in silly stages over a week – with a teacher having to persuade him not to shave off his eyebrows too lol)

Also, so I said I’d book in an appointment after school today, and Mini didn’t want to go to the last place they had a haircut from, and suggested going to a barber. Fair enough.

So the last times I’ve booked hair appointments it’s been a day or 2 wait to get in….

Looked up some barbers online – all walk-ins. Called one to see what they would charge and to book an appointment – nope, just walk in.

Too easy!


I just had the best cosplay idea ever

Mini was talking about using my Asajj Ventress costume – since with the shaved head, we could bleach it and have a bald head look…. So then I started thinking about what other cosplays would be cool…

And I thought of Negasonic Teenage Warhead (from Deadpool)…. and I have a Deadpool costume….. so then Mini’s best friend would have to then cosplay as Yukio!

— And the demeanors are perfect! Mini’s friend is DEFINITELY a Yukio, all bubbly and social. Mini definitely has the surley grunting teen hermit type vibe…… and I’m the smartass!!!!!

Twi’lek Jedi

Finally had another chance to get out the Lekku

We (Rebel Legion) trooped at the Lynbrook lantern festival – which was fun – Sabers looked great in the dark! We had a heap of kids lining up to get photos with us.

It’s so lovely to see them so excited to have photos with us or be lucky enough to hold one of our sabers Especially the ones who are too shy to come over, but once you offer them the saber their faces light up (literally and figuratively lol)

Well, that was traumatic!

Cat jumped onto my lap for cuddles, then kinda freaked out. As I was depositing him back onto the floor, I saw the reason he’d freaked out — a HUGE hairy spider ….. ON MY COMPUTER DESK!!! a mere 30cm from my hand!

So I did what any mature parent would do, with their child sitting on the couch beside them…

I let out a blood curdling scream, bolted from the computer into the hallway doing that “OMG I’ve seen a spider” flailing dance!

Then I stood there and composed myself while I considered what to do next.

After declaring we were moving home I realised I’d have to deal with the offending arachnid on my own…. since Mini is less scared of spiders than I am, but also less prepared to deal with the hairy bastards.

Luckily I knew where insect spray was – I’d bought 2 cans the other day, because I’d noticed things like our outdoor furniture getting quite webby (and we’ve only been here a month!) – so I’d planned to spray everything. So I got that.

By this stage the creepy bugger had climbed up my PC speaker. So I did a sensible pre-spray into the air away from Spidey – much like how you squirt a bit out of a syringe before injecting someone – to make sure (since it was a new can) it was going to be full potency for the spider-blasting spray…. and gave the spider a good spray.

Hairy bastard didn’t flinch!

Then he started creeping up the wall. So I moved the couch (didn’t want it to fall somewhere into the couch, and us have to burn the couch not knowing if it had died in there or not ) sprayed again…. and again….

One advantage of the spray I bought, unlike every other (even the supposedly “low irritant”) kinds, didn’t smell at all…. and didn’t make me cough. So that was a bonus. But I think that’s because it was a cheap Woolies one that wasn’t actually spraying anything irritant-worthy. MrAssholeSpider was literally dripping by now, and at least had stopped moving up the wall… but STILL WOULD NOT DIE!

The dripping was dangerously close to the powerboard that powers my PC, so I grabbed a hand towel that happened to be on the arm of the couch, and put that in the drop zone, and sprayed again.

FINALLY the spider must have drowned (rather than died from the insecticide) and dropped onto the towel. Once there was no more leg twitching, I used a broom handle to move the towel and its offending contents into the hallway, folded it up as best I could…. and hubs can deal with it when he gets home.

I’d put the kettle on before sitting down to my PC, so I asked Mini to make me a nice cup of tea to settle my nerves.

There are 2 coffee mugs (in our extensive collection) we have that would have been appropriate in this situation.

1).Β  Has “Sereni.tea” on the front and “The absence of stress while drinking tea” on the inside rim.

2). The one Mini picked:

Good choice Mini…. good choice! πŸ˜€

And we have cable garlands again!

RIP dreams of having a house without garlands of wiring all over the place

While there is a phone socket in the kitchen and one in the dining room (Opposite wall to the one in the photo) – they don’t work.Β  So we have to bring the phone cables in from Mini’s room!

I’ll have to do what I did in the old house and put fake cobwebs and stuff on it for Halloween, and wrap it in tinsel for Xmas

Phone cable issue will be sorted if we get a phone with a second dock, so we can have one in Mini’s room where the phone point is (hopefully we can mute that one so if it rings at night it doesn’t wake them up), and a wireless second dock.

Internet (blue cable) is proving more challenging…. Obviously we could hide it better, but it’s HOPEFULLY a temporary solution.

I bought a USB wireless adapter – didn’t work on either PC (Signal reaches the lounge, because the laptops can get it fine)…. Exchanged it for a different brand, which mostly worked on one PC (it’s slow and it keeps dropping out for a few seconds – so not sure what will happen if Mini tries to game on it)… but still not working at all on the other (most important gaming PC!). So I might have to try putting in a network card instead of the usb ones.

(Of course, if the damned phone point that’s a mere 2 metres from the PC actually worked, that’s where the modem and phone would have gone and saved a heap of annoyance!!!!!!!!!)

Things may change when NBN comes through, or we may have to just pay an electrician to come in and fix the broken sockets so we can lose the annoying cables

Petal rain

Ok, I now understand why they had an umbrella for the pond!….. But I’m using my clear one so it at least looks a bit better

— That’s a few days worth of petals….

Pretty! So pretty!!!! but messy… sooooo messy!

The red one at least has the decency to drop whole flowers – which I’ve been collecting nice ones of and having them inside as decorations…

The pink buggers though just drop individual petals


OCD people, get a load of this …… So this is our (terribly inefficient but fancy smancy looking) heater… that came with the house…. mounted to the wall…

Not mounted in the centre of the wall or anything…. nor centered to the furnishings they had on that wall….. So no reason for it to be placed exactly where it was…. (the guy even commented to say he’s not sure why he put it where he did and not further over)

— It’s about 10cm short from being able to be plugged in!!!!

Seriously?!?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!?!?!?!?!?!!

So we need to use an extension cord or powerboard, to span about 10cm – because of the moronic placement of the heater!!

It’s one of those things so stupid it just makes you laugh. Luckily we’ve now got our glass cabinet in that corner disguising the stupidity, so nobody need ever know

Got the important things set up for the new house….

We got the unicorn up! πŸ˜€

No furnishings in the house or anything, but the unicorn is up!

Pretty damned awesome!Β  Worth every penny ($26 on ebay! bargain!!)

Mini is trying to think of a name for it.Β  It’s a He apparently…

It’ll be going in the pool tomorrow, just for fun – though I am scared if I try and float on it and get dumped in, I may die of hypothermia πŸ˜›Β 

NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! POOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My GOD was the water cold!!

But as promised – On settlement day I went for a (VERY VERY) quick swim in my new pool!!!

That’s not me laughing in enjoyment by the way….. that’s me screeching “FARK IT’S COLD, HURRY UP AND TAKE THE DAMNED PHOTO!!”

— Except the first photo hubs took was completely hideous, so I had to go in AGAIN!! FFS!!!Β  That was worse because I knew how cold it was πŸ˜›

Sun was out and sunbaking to dry out was actually quite nice, but the water was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing!

Sadly the unicorn pool floaty needs a pump which I forgot to take over, so I had to go in alone…