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Doughnut Seeds

So I stumbled upon an image of some cherios in a pack, labelled “doughnut seeds” and I thought that was the cutest thing ever… and since my brother-in-law said he wanted doughnuts for Xmas, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a bit of a joke.  I liked the look of some seed packs I found, but I wanted to be able to see the seeds inside… since I wanted to go to the effort of making different seed “varieties”.  So I made my own packs.  You can download it to print for yourself if you like.

There are 4 varieties in my packs.  Cinnamon, Pink iced, Choc iced and a mixed pack.  I’ve left the middle blank so you can cut it out, stick some plastic behind and show the seeds off 🙂

To make them, just take come cherios… For the cinnamon ones I tossed them in some cinnamon and sugar mix (you could leave them plain, but they look a bit more realistic when coated, especially since I’d bought the honey ones and they looked shiny)  If you leave them out on a plate for a couple of hours they go a bit sticky and the cinnamon will stick better.  For the iced ones I made a small amount of icing and dipped them in, then I dipped them in sprinkles.  I crushed the sprinkles a bit to make them smaller to fit the scale better.

Then print the packets, carefully cut out the inner section, bend it on the dotted lines and stick it together

Fill with your cherios (make sure the icing is set) and you’re done!

Download all 4 varieties as a .pdf (1 of each pack, 2 pages)

Download Sprinkle variety as a .pdf (2 of each pack, 2 pages)

Download Cinnamon & Mixed variety as a .pdf (2 of each pack, 2 pages)

Or download each of them as images (the writing won’t be as clear as the .pdf version)


And here’s a blank one if you want to make your own text for it


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